Tuesday, July 29, 2014

     The Silver Cord allowed me to visit another realm without final detachment. As we know when the Silver Cord detaches permanently we then enter into one of innumerable realms until we have developed a readiness for the next realm .The movement to the next realm may take centuries, months, or even a day. We have served our purpose, learned lessons and have permanently left this kingdom or realm.

     As I lay in slumber, I slowly crossed the threshold of another realm. You know the one… where we experience occurrences, converse with loved ones and others which may offer valuable insight.

     Twice in one week, I crossed the threshold and visited two friends which are now “on the other side”, one friend per dream. I needed to release or say goodbye to my friends.  I loved one more than the other maybe because, we were together longer, had some of the same interests as well as a strong emotional investment here on this plane. Both men were with their new family unit. Both were happy. Each one, while on this plane had their own demons, yet on the next realm they were healthy, stable, and loyal.

     The silver cord experience allowed me the opportunity to visit my friends which told me it’s ok to move forward. To use this time wisely while I’m still here. When I heard these words during my silver cord experience, feelings of sadness overwhelmed me because he, in a benign sort of way, let me go. Instead of me being happy for their freedom, instead I was overcome by a sense of disappointment because I played no part in their bliss. Although egotistical it is still the way I felt.

     Each mans loyalty to their new family unit seemed impressive. Their ability to be loyal is a miracle in itself. I sensed no ego coming from them yet a genuine caring and appreciation for what we had. Both are now free of the chains which held them captive on this realm. Am I happy that they are happy? Yes.

     They has found their happiness, to include the ability to be honest, then again maybe they were honest on this realm but I was not open to hearing it. Maybe a lesson for me to learn on this realm? To listen more?

     Both of my friends cared enough to, upon separate occasions, appear during my silver cord experience assuring me of their contentment, expressed gratitude and for me to move toward my goals. 
     I have noticed when I dream about someone which has“crossed over” it’s possible to communicate but their mouths don’t move, it’s not always the case but it is an observation. How is it that we can communicate when our mouths are not moving?  

       Love is releasing. Love is setting something or someone free unconditionally.
Rev. Barbara

Ecclesiastes 12: vv 6, 7 (New Revised Standard)
 6 before the silver cord is snapped, and the golden bowl is broken, and the pitcher is broken at the fountain, and the wheel broken at the cistern, 7 and the dust returns to the earth as it was, and the breath returns to God who gave it. 

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